Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting the RV ready to roll

Today was work on the RV and make sure all systems are go.

I took the RV to Sam's Club early this morning and had all 7 tires rotated and balanced. It cost less than $30. Two tire stores near me said they couldn't do it even though I'm under 10' high and will fit in their doors. A nearby truck place wanted $90 for the same job. So we drove over to Sam's in Elyria and after 2 hours we were ready headed back home.

RV Packed

Our next problem, I filled the water system and everything was fine, but when I tried to dump the water that I had put into my Grey water tank I found out that my Sani-Con Macerator Pump was rusted and would not rotate. It also blew the switch from the high current draw. So a quick phone call to the RV manufacturer who for only $250 will ship a new one out tomorrow. Hopefully a switch comes with it and installation goes well.

We installed a new window awning last month to give Peggy a little more shade in the bedroom.

The rest of the packing is going well.

On Sunday we are having the whole family over for a early Thanksgiving dinner since we hope we will be on the road by late next week and will not be back until we fly back for our Christmas vacation.

In between getting the RV ready we have been raking leaves which have been coming down like rain. Don’t want the piles of leaves to matt down and kill my grass over the winter.

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