Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eylpantle Falls Bike Ride & Turkey

Early Thursday morning we got a heavy rain but after breakfast it got sunny and was a cooler day in the high 70’s.

I rode my bike to town to find a water man to bring me 25 gal of water to fill my freshwater tank. Cost was about $7. We don’t use piped water in our tanks as it is not suitable to drink unless treated and filtered. We buy 5 gal bottles of purified water. We feel the cost to just buy good water is not that expensive.

Since the bike was out I thought I would get some exercise before eating our big dinner tonight. I looked on Google Earth and figured I could ride along the canal that comes from Lake Catemaco and find the road to Eylpantle Falls. This almost 200’ high falls was a scene in the movie Apocalypto, where the warrior jumped off.


The three mile long canal is a fairly flat scenic trail which ends at the power dam. If you go down the hill along the dam and take the first left turn onto a dirt road after a couple miles you come upon a little town and the road is paved to the town of Comoapan.

Then turn left and follow the road to Eylpantle Falls. Total one way is 8 mi. Some hills but not a bad ride.

The town is one big tourist stop with T-shirt stands and refreshment stands by the dozen.

You can view the falls from an overlook above the falls and/or you can walk down 250 steps to the river and look up at the falls. Here are my pictures of Eylpantle Falls:






Even though it was not super hot I was very hot when I returned in time for a quick shower and then our big Thanksgiving dinner supplied by our campground owners Gaby & Gene.Peggy ready for dinner and my big plate of food.

A great dinner with our camper friends at Tepetapan RV Park & Casitas.







  1. Those waterfalls are gorgeous!

  2. excellent looking dinner :)...the waterfalls are breathtaking..


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