Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mahahual– Blue Bay

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We left Catemaco 6:30 AM on Saturday morning, The road to Acayucan had two bridges being replaced but the drive was fine. When we reached the cuota where we expected better roads, it was pot-hole city. one lane was under construction in several places, so it was not as fast as usual. When you get near Chiapas  the road really turns to shit but with our early start we reached the Pemex at the Palenque turn where we usually stay by 1:30 PM. But since there was so much construction going on around the Pemex we decided to push on to a Pemex about an hour & 45 min down the road, It was 3:15PM but that was enough driving for one day. This Pemex is on south side and not near any cities. Many trucks stop here also. They had us stay right next to the right side of the building out of the way of the trucks. It was a noisy place but we got plenty of sleep so we able to get on the road at 6 AM. From here on the road was great, we made very good time at got to Blue Bay Campground at Mahahual by noon.

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PeggyatBlueBayThe place looked really different than last year. They have a new entrance road into the restaurant which was good. But the whole place is under construction. They are erecting a dozen little 8’ x 8’ cabins which contain a bed. There is still room to park 3 RV’s here and maybe by February they will have a new campground ready. They still have no hookups but for us with solar power that should not be a problem. The problem may be the construction noise. So we paid for only one night and we will see how it goes.

BlueBayConstructionWe are parked right next to the malecon (beach sidewalk), but take a look at what the construction looks like which is right next to us.

There is another small camper here from Montreal, they have been here for a week and were out touring today.

We took a walk down the malecon and saw that they built a new Senor Frogs right next to the Blue Bay. It looks like several places have disappeared and a few new hotels, restaurants and gift shops have sprung up.


Just about the time we were ready to eat dinner. In pulls a huge class A camper who manages to squeeze between our two small campers. The spouse is from Chagrin Falls, OH but now living in Guadalajara.  We had a nice evening telling stories and enjoying the warm evening.


  1. Why does Senor Frogs have a pool? Interesting.

  2. It is funny, it sits right in front of the beach and has stools in it so they can use the side as a bar.
    When no cruise ships are in town, absolutely no one is here.


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