Monday, November 7, 2011

Early Thanksgiving

Like the last few years we invited the family over for a Turkey Dinner before we head off to Mexico. Six couldn’t make it but we still had a good crowd since we have 4 children, 4 spouses and 11 grandchildren.


Dinner is served, Peggy making sure everyone has a full plate.

Leah. Peggy, Pam, Devan & Erika.


Joan. Brian, Meg and Jeff dig in.


The little kids eat in the kitchen. Jake, John, Jett and Sierra,


Erika, Devan and Leah relaxing after dinner


Our Four Kids – Pam, Meg, Jeff & Joan.

My new macerator pump just came, hopefully all will go well with installation this afternoon. 

We plan to visit my Cousin Rich, his wife Tracey and their three kids in Houston on our way to the Texas border.


  1. what a great looking family...happy early are almost ready to roll out :)

  2. Got the pump installed and a new actuator on my black water dump valve. That was acting up a year ago so I bought the actuator but never installed it.

  3. Everything all fixed and ready to go? Drive safely and we will miss you

  4. Good Bye! We love you and will miss you!!

  5. Jett looks scrumptious eating his turkey <3333333
    -Angie Kettler


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