Friday, November 18, 2011

On the way to the Emerald Coast, MX

See Map 3

We spent three nights parked along the Rio Micos outside of Ciudad Valles.


On Thursday night Tom McEwan from Liquid Adventures showed up with 3 friends. In about a week he has a group coming down from the States to show them the rivers in the area. In the meantime Tom and his friends are paddling the various river sections.

On Friday morning I walked over to where they were staying, Aldea Huaxteca, next to our camp. I wish I would have stuck with my plans to stay there. Their driveway is wide and smooth and there are plenty of places to park my RV. The reason I didn’t camp there was they said on Fri & Sat nights they would have a large Mexican group staying there. But actually we are now leaving on Saturday morning to head for a Neptuno Campground on the Emerald Coast.

Tom was great to let me paddle with them and showed me the lines on all the waterfalls. It’s a great place for first time waterfall runners to learn the proper techniques. We had a lot more water than when I was here 11 years ago and I had forgotten all the lines. The picture of me is from that trip.

After the waterfall run we continued down the river a few more miles where I took out at my campsite. The place we are staying at belongs to Grant Amaral from Idaho. He also leads trips down here. He owns Agua Azul Kayaking

I’ll try to post this before I leave in the morning but if not I’ll post when we make it back to Ciudad Valles.  Hopefully we can make up his driveway without incident.


The Emerald Coast is very popular with Mexicans in the summer time. Dozens of hotels and campgrounds are spread all along the highway about 90 mi North of Vera Cruz. The sand here is a fine black sand but it is fairly clean. It is about a 250 mi drive on some rough roads but we will be bypassing Tampico and their crooked police.

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  1. I don't like the sound of the "crooked police". I have to work on Monday and will have to go by Westlake's crooked police. Let's see how that goes:)

    Hope you get out of the campground safely!


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