Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Last Week in Mexico


Sunrise from the campground, we took warning and it did rain later.


On weekends Mexican campers come in and camp near Claude and Erika from Switzerland.


We take a walk on the beach every morning past this little Mexican Craft stand and Peggy has never ventured near it to see what they may be selling



This winter whenever we got an East wind the sea grass piled up on the beach. The beach is normally nice white sand, but on some mornings we would find piles of weeds over 2' high. You had a hard time walking in the water around the piles. Depending on the exact wind direction these weeds would pile up in different places each day. One thing the weeds did do was to provide lots of work for the Mexican laborers. Sometimes they dug holes in the sand and buried the weeds. At other times they would carry it away in wheel barrows and dump them above the high water line.


The beach is nearly 1-1/2 miles long. So we would walk up to the North end and take a short rest. This is as far as you can go, It is the start of an old hurricane damaged resort, and their guards will stop you if you go beyond this point.


We then walk down to the South end where there are some old palapas from another abandoned resort. We made ourselves some benches from scrap wood and marked it off with rocks like it belonged to us.RockNames Mags & Peggy enjoying the bench.

Believe it or not but hardly anyone ever messed with our names the whole Winter. Once it destroyed by high waves and another time by some weekend campers.


This past Sunday we took a ride with Claude & Mags to visit Glen at his place in Tankah. It’s about 20 mi away. Glen is planning to drive his rig out of Mexico when Claude leaves. It was getting around dinner time when we left so we stopped at a nice upscale (for us) restaurant called Oscar & Lalo’s. The place has lots of ambience and the food was excellent.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Flu Flew in

I haven’t been doing many updates lately. Partly because every week it’s about the same. Peggy & I take an about a 2 1/2 mi. early morning beach walk. We take a break under the palapas and then come back to the RV to read our books on our two Kindle’s. The Kindle’s sure have cut down on a lot of book weight. We brought bags full of paper back books in the past and traded with people as we traveled. Now, I downloaded about 100 books. Whatever you buy or get free on one Kindle is available for no charge on any other Kindle registered to the same Amazon account.

About two weeks ago Reed & Elaine’s children & grandchildren flew in for a one week visit. They had a great time. The only problem is that several of them were in various stages of the Flu which I guess is running rampant in Albuquerque. After a few days I came down with a good case of the Flu. I was sick and feeling miserable for about a week. Peggy did fine and gave me some good care.

Rainbow_Playa (Custom)

When I got better, even the beach brightened up with a big rainbow. Speaking of the weather, this is the place to be a weather forecaster. It’s pretty much the same everyday. Low 67oF – High 84oF with a 30% chance of rain. Some days it’s very windy with big waves, other days if the light wind is out of the West the ocean is like glass.

After I was feeling better I got my kayak out again for a little exercise. It’s fun to paddle up to Puerto Adventuras or paddle into some of the Cenotes that dump right into the ocean. The campground this year has been almost 100% occupied everyday. We have had several pass though on their way to travels in Central America or across the rest of Mexico. Most of us just stay put for the Winter.

Our plans are to leave here on March 1st. We will head directly to the border and go to see an insurance adjuster in McAllen, TX to see what they will pay for the damage that we did to RV when we were in Ciudad Valles.