Friday, December 19, 2014

Corona introduces a new can on the beach in Xpu-Ha

Today the Corona commercial shoot moved down the beach right next to Esencia Hotel.
For the introduction of their new can design the bottle guys made special bottles with a can inside.
The story line is a bottle floats to shore and is picked up by a guy walking down the beach.
He picks it up and looks at it and wonders where it came from.

Here is the crew taking the shot. The prop man drops the bottle into the surf, for the actor to find. Here is the actual Commercial: New Can
Then they move over to the restaurant by Bonanza next to our camp for a photo shot of their new Tequila & Corona.
Tequila _Corona
Then on Friday morning they moved into the little restaurant to shoot a scene from inside looking out with actors who look like they are setting up the restaurant for a Corona party. Peggy and I were in one corner near the bar and no one chased us out. So I got a few pictures while they filmed.
Filming We fly out on a direct flight home from Cancun on Saturday morning for the holidays. We have 4 married children and 12 grandchildren and will have a big celebration. We then fly back to Xpu-Ha on New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Corona arrived Tuesday for a 4 day commercial shoot.

Corona shoots all their commercials on Xpu-Ha beach. This year they are way down the end past the Esencia Hotel. Here is my Last Year’s Blog about their shoot with links to the actual commercials.

Here are the story boards and actors for this year. They are shooting 3 commercials at this location and one back at last year’s location.  Click any picture for a bigger view.




Peggy on the beach by the shoot. The actors are resting in the shade awaiting their call.



The real star is of course the beer. The bottles and the cans.

There are two guys whose job is to prepare the bottles with simulated foam on top. Simulated icy sweat on the outside of the bottles.


They are introducing a new can design this year.


Ready for Action

Last minute makeup LastMinuteMakeup

Now get those extras walking down the beach.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some action shots.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weather has been great this year

For the past week the weather has been dry and cool. High’s about 78oF with lows about 58. Great sleeping.
SandmanNo seaweed has been coming in to shore and the beaches seem extra wide.

I guess some of the beach goers are thinking of Christmas, see the nice little snowman.

A new sign for the restaurant next to us.


Peggy trying out the bar swings at the small bar at Bonanza next door. This is where they filmed last year’s Corona commercial.


Here is a shot of the beach just past Catalonia, the only big hotel on our beach.



Our friend Richard fly fishing, he likes to catch Bonefish.

The only place with any seaweed is the abandoned resort at the end of the beach where Peggy and I like to hang out.


Remember this graffiti from 2 years ago? It’s a little faded now. Click it for a bigger picture



Monday, December 8, 2014

Xpu-Ha nice weather, relaxing with friends

There is not much going on here and we have not traveled around in the area a lot like Gerry & Brenda. Read their BLOG and find out what there is to do in the area, they have lots of nice pictures.


The weather the first week was warm 85oF but cloudy & windy. The kite boarders had lots of fun.

On Friday, seven of us went to Pizza Leos for his good Mexican pizza which has everything on it including spinach & jalapeno peppers.


It was Guadalupe week so all the kids kept stopping by and singing songs for some pesos.


We really only had rain on two evenings while we slept. The temperature cooled down to the mid-70’s, with lows about 67. But finally on Saturday the winds died down giving me a chance to have a 1 hr. paddle each way to the big cenote near Puerto Aventuras.


On Sunday the water was dead calm, so off I go again in my kayak.


This time to the beach next to the condos in Puerto Aventuras


From here it’s about a 100 yard walk to the pools where they do their dolphin show. I took about a one hour rest before I paddled back to Xpu-Ha.


Today there is a chance a fiberglass boat repair guy may come over to repair my RV bumper that I damaged on my way here.