Friday, December 19, 2014

Corona introduces a new can on the beach in Xpu-Ha

Today the Corona commercial shoot moved down the beach right next to Esencia Hotel.
For the introduction of their new can design the bottle guys made special bottles with a can inside.
The story line is a bottle floats to shore and is picked up by a guy walking down the beach.
He picks it up and looks at it and wonders where it came from.

Here is the crew taking the shot. The prop man drops the bottle into the surf, for the actor to find. Here is the actual Commercial: New Can
Then they move over to the restaurant by Bonanza next to our camp for a photo shot of their new Tequila & Corona.
Tequila _Corona
Then on Friday morning they moved into the little restaurant to shoot a scene from inside looking out with actors who look like they are setting up the restaurant for a Corona party. Peggy and I were in one corner near the bar and no one chased us out. So I got a few pictures while they filmed.
Filming We fly out on a direct flight home from Cancun on Saturday morning for the holidays. We have 4 married children and 12 grandchildren and will have a big celebration. We then fly back to Xpu-Ha on New Year's Eve.

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