Monday, January 5, 2015

Home for Christmas for 11 days, now back in MX

We are lucky that they have direct non-stop flights from Cancun to Cleveland. We flew again with United Airlines who had temporarily stopped their direct flights. Frontier Air is taking over some flights so for the time there are two options. The Cancun airport is only about an hour from our campground in Xpu-Ha. There is a ADO deluxe airport bus that leaves every 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen, and it only cost $10 USD per person. It starts at 5th Ave in Playa and drops you right at the door of the terminal. Same deal coming back.
At Playa, when we return we walk two blocks and catch a Tulum Collectivo (Shared Van), that only cost $2 USD per person to Xpu-Ha.
Our three beautiful daughters and handsome son. They are catching up to us in age. Smile
Here is Peggy having fun opening a few gifts with a couple of grandchildren.
After a few more visits with friends we flew back on New Year’s Eve. United doesn’t fly everyday and that is the direct flight day, the plane was less than half full.
Back in Xpu-Ha
Wow what a crowd. Another good reason to go home over the holidays is to miss the Christmas Crowd. Lots of tents on the beach, hundreds of people jamming the restaurant parking lot. On the day we came back the day time visitors couldn’t even find a parking place. But finally by today, everybody has cleared out and things are back to normal.  EXCEPT FOR THE BEACH
We have NEVER seen the seaweed so bad. In December the beaches were beautiful clean white sand. Take a look and what happened.
In some places it is almost 2 feet deep. The poor workers at the hotels and restaurants work from morning to night trying to clean it up. The next morning the NE winds brings more in. On the far ends of the bay there is very little but right by us it is unbelievably bad. It makes our morning walk a real chore trying to find a place to walk the length of our bay. Each day we do a 2-1/2 mi walk and usually enjoy the changing shore line. Now we watch the poor workers haul away the unwanted vegetation.
The weather though has been great, no rain, sunny high 80’s but a little warmer at night than in December.

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  1. I hope they clean that up before April:) Did you ever find out what causes it?


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