Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weather has been great this year

For the past week the weather has been dry and cool. High’s about 78oF with lows about 58. Great sleeping.
SandmanNo seaweed has been coming in to shore and the beaches seem extra wide.

I guess some of the beach goers are thinking of Christmas, see the nice little snowman.

A new sign for the restaurant next to us.


Peggy trying out the bar swings at the small bar at Bonanza next door. This is where they filmed last year’s Corona commercial.


Here is a shot of the beach just past Catalonia, the only big hotel on our beach.



Our friend Richard fly fishing, he likes to catch Bonefish.

The only place with any seaweed is the abandoned resort at the end of the beach where Peggy and I like to hang out.


Remember this graffiti from 2 years ago? It’s a little faded now. Click it for a bigger picture



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  1. The beach looks amazing! I have not seen a blue sky like that for weeks.


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