Monday, November 21, 2011

One Night at Neptuno

See Map 4

We got started on Sunday morning at 7 AM, the road was fair until the Alamo turnoff. The Alamo road was great, the construction on the toll bridge was complete. Stopped for some oranges and honey at the fruit stands.

Don’t miss the right turn at the top of the interchange so you can bypass Poza Rica on a very inexpensive Cuota. I’ll bet it saves an hour. We got to camp on the Emerald Coast at Neptuno Campground at 11AM. Cost was still 150 p/n.

We took a nice one hour beach walk. It looked like the storms took out most of the beach access stairs from the small hotels and campgrounds in that area. We had a big steak dinner to celebrate our journey so far, forgetting about our RV problems, that we can fix some other day.

Got on the road just before 7 AM on Monday morning. Just past Nautla they are paving the road and there must have been an early morning truck accident. We sat there for 20 minutes then got back up to speed. Most of the south bound lane has been resurfaced all the way until the 4-lane starts by Cardel. It’s the best I have seen this road in years. Took only 2 hrs. from Nautla to Cardel.

They finished the bridge on the east side of Vera Cruz, so if you are heading toward the Tuxtla’s you won’t miss the turn to Alvarado on MX180. The drive to Catemaco took 6:45 min with a one hour stop to shop in the nice Soriana in San Andres Tuxtla.

So here we are a few days early at Tepetapan Campground and dreaming of Gene’s big Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. There is only one other camper here right now, a couple from Switzerland who shipped their rig to Brazil and have been on the road for the past 4 years. They are also heading to the Yucatan.


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