Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Month before we head South

Our plans so far have not changed. 2011-12 Mexico RV trip plans
I will post a map and description for each travel day as we move along through the trip.
Most of the trip will be through areas we have traveled before.
Our plans except for our airline reservations are very flexible. The weather and what we find when we get to each area effects our decisions of when we move on.
Feel free to post comments or questions.


  1. Hi John - we have just been reading about all the trouble going on around Veracruz with drug cartels etc. Are you worried about driving through there? It has us questioning our decision to go that way this year....

  2. I don't worry about it. Drive during the day for sure. They are not interested in RV'rs. The roads between Emerald coast and Cardel have always been rough and slow. Coming down from Puebla is steep and expensive. Less mountains on Coast. More toll roads in the mountain routes.


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