Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Weather Got Much Hotter at Xpu-Ha

We have been getting a little rain at night, which has brought the humidity up. The winds have died down a little and the temperature is getting up to near 90o F. I hear a lot of A/C’s running but we are still holding out.

Last Friday nearly the entire campground went out for Pizza at Leos. In addition Glen and Maureen came from Tanka Bay, 3 people that we knew from Pal-Mul also showed up. Gerry, Brenda and her sister who has been staying at a condo in Akumal. Needless to say, the service was a little slow but the pizza and the 22 friends were great.

Jon_Peg Beach (Custom)Brenda & Gerry showed up for a day then headed off to Bacalar, see the link for her blog.

A new couple from CO came in with a big class A, but as usual Dierck managed to fit them in. Kent & Lynn will be here for a week.

Peggy and I hadn’t taken a walk through the abandoned hotel at the end of the beach this year, although we do sit under one of their palapas every day, maintaining our names in coral .

Walk-in to Club Maeve (Custom)

So today we put on our Tevas and walked off the beach to see how much more the locals stripped out of the resort once called Club Maeve. It  apparently closed in the summer of 2006 when a big hurricane hit the coast. Most of the damage now is from scavengers  stripping everything that they can salvage. Club Maeve Pool_2006

Here is the big pool before the hurricane.

The next picture is what it looks like today.

The whole place has been taken over by the jungle.

Club Maeve Pool 2013 (Custom)

Check out Paul & Helens Blog for more & better pictures.

The picture below is made of ceramic tiles and depicts the entire resort layout.

ClubMaeve_Tile Pic (Custom)


ClubMaeveFrom Lobby (Custom)

The left Picture looking toward the lobby, the right picture is Peggy looking back outside.

And below is Peggy waiting at registration. We saw all kinds of paper and bills on the floor in front of a closet. There were boxes of guest registration information that they apparently just left there when they abandoned the resort.

ClubMaeveLobby (Custom)

BeachGraffittiBack (Custom)

But today there is something new in front of the big palapa restaurant at the Club. A graffiti artist actually brightened up the place.

BeachGraffittiJohn (Custom)

Since we had on our Tevas, we decided to walk past the broken down dock.

ClubMaeveDock (Custom)

And across the old coral shore to the blow holes, where the waves go under the coral and blow up through the rock, when the wind and waves are out of the East.

BlowHole (Custom)


  1. wow, it looks like it used to be such a nice place. How sad to see it so run down. Are there any plans for someone to purchase it and fix it up? were you afraid that there may be squaters in there?

    1. There are some squaters in there. They are probably the ones stripping the place. I read it is now owned by Palace Resorts but the MX Government won't them them rebuild it the same way since there are some Cenotes that they need to design around, We will see. It's been 6 years, The piece of property is huge, but some of their other resorts are not full so they are in no hurry.
      Love your weather changes, Meg.

  2. I think you guys should buy it and use it as a Summer home!! We can all come down and stay with you!!
    If I was homeless and lived in Mexico I totally would go live there. :-)

    Weather here is schizophrenic - 65 yesterday and 25 and blizzard today. Very windy, a huge branch came down last night. Good thing Stella wasn't out there because she would have been smooshed.

    Love you lots and as always BE SAFE!!!!

  3. Peggy was interested in the church buried in lava. Here is my blog post about that.


    I highly recommend it.



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