Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lazy Bones, Sit-in in the Sun, Never goin get this darn Blog done

Reed gets organized

I took a few pictures of some more camper friends that arrived in the past month.

Here is Reed with his inflatable kayak and sailboat.

Reed & Elaine are from Las Cruzes, New MX but are now Elaine-Reed (Custom)full time campers.

Or as I like to call them “Homeless People”.


Rob - Shirley

Next to Reed & Elaine are Rob & Shirley from Martha's Vineyard.Rob & Shirley2

And across from them is Pat & Mike from Salida, CO.

Pat & Mike

Didn’t get or steal a good picture of them yet.

Mike used to make really nice wooden kayak paddles. He brought a couple with him to show everyone but didn’t have my camera ready then either.

Greg-Micki-Erick STT

Last week in rolls 4 Sprinter vans outfitted as campers.

Brian-Sande-Doug-Marsha STT

Greg Mallory STT

It turns out that this group of lifelong friends from Washington, Oregon & British Columbia decided to either quit their jobs or take a long leave of absence and travel from Washington State to the tip of South America. So far they have travelled down through the Baja, they took a ferry to Mazatlan, proceeded down the West coast of Mexico. Then traveled to the mountains of Chiapas, went down to the Yucatan, stopped at Xpu-Ha and are heading for Belize next.

They have three blogs, but have been slow to update them but bookmark these to follow their travels.

They brought all their toys with them Surf Boards, Stand on Tops, Kite Surfers and best of all 4 of them were white water paddlers. These were the first WW paddlers that I ran into on the beaches of MX. Greg Mallory gave me a Discovery Channel video from 6 years ago when he safety boated for a group doing the first decent of a river in Bhutan, a small Buddhist country near India.

Greg Mallory is, among other things, a lawyer, L1 Paraplegic, white water kayaker and Captain of the U.S.Disabled Nordic Ski Team, a post that he was nominated for by the other members of the team. He has been in the chair 13 years, kayaking 12 of those, and is the 1st disabled person, in a group of paddlers, to conquer the remote Mangde Chu river in the Himalayan region of Bhutan.

I also got a chance to do some ocean paddling with them over to Puerto Adventuras.



  1. wow, WW boaters going South. Tell them about Costa Rica and Ecuador

  2. They are doing all the WW rivers in Central America and hope to do the Futalafu in Chili.


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