Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Littler Cooler this week in Xpu-Ha

Thing have been quiet here all week, We got to go out on Friday night to Pizza Leos with Paul & Helen.

LaPlaya_TV (Custom)

All the campers are behind a line of trees and behind a fence separating us from the beach. Most of the beach walkers never even notice that we are back here. We get a nice beach view out our front window and a good breeze by the camper.

John_KayakIt’s a short walk to carry my kayak out to the surf, I can take either a long paddle to Puerto Adventuras or visit the two cenotes along the way. When the waves are high it’s a lot of work. When the wind is a little less I can do a little surfing. if the waves are right. But you have to watch where the waves are breaking.

Ramone Jet SkiThere is a lot of shallow coral directly off our beach and you wouldn’t want to flip and be dragged over the coral. They rent a couple of jet skis and a tourist got surfed and flipped his jet ski. He really cut up his leg badly but Ramón who rents them out just yelled at him for scratching up his new jet ski.

Helen_Paul_Cool_Happy_HourWe have not had any rain for weeks but after the high winds died it suddenly turned cooler.

Take a look at Helen & Paul who are from Florida and used to warm weather. During our Happy Hour, the temperature  plunged to 70oF. At night it got even cooler. last night it was 58oF. Peggy wanted me to turn on the heat, But within less than an hour it was in the 70’s and it is now in the 80’s.

Paul also does a blog and if you read it you can view better pictures and find out more of what is going on at Xpu-Ha, Paul, Helen, etc.  Another blogger Gerry & Brenda, Turtle on Down the Road have been camping here for the past two months. They just left yesterday for Akumal where they will stay with Brenda’s sister for a few weeks and then start traveling around the rest of Mexico until they return to Canada. Links to both their blogs also appear on the left side of my blog and if they write anything new it moves up the list.

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