Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Day on the Water

Every night most of the campers stop over our patio for Happy Hour. Sometimes it extends almost to 2 hours. But it’s fun to get together to see what anybody did that day or what they are going to do tomorrow.

HappyHour (Custom)

Here is the group. Starting on the right is Gerry Wright, Peggy Kobak, Mike Jones, Elaine Cundiff, Rob & Shirley , Reed Cundiff, Helen Tempesta, Pat Jones, and Ann Wright. There are a few regulars missing Paul Tempesta, Carol & Richard, and of course I took the picture. Helen invited Peggy to go with her to Playa and do some grocery shopping on Monday.


On Monday morning the winds had died and there were very few waves so since Peggy is going shopping I decided to take a long kayak paddle with my short whitewater boat. I paddled all the way south to just outside of Akumal near the Yal-Ku Lagoon.  It took almost 1-1/2 hours and the wind was picking up and the waves were building, so instead of paddling into the Lagoon I started right back to Xpu-Ha. I figured it was about an 11 mi. flat-water paddle which was all the exercise I needed. I beat Peggy back by 20 minutes.

WaterFlyer (Custom)

Just when I was leaving I saw this unusual “Watercraft? Helicopter?”. The water power was obtained from a jet ski attached to the big hose. He steered himself with the two jets that he held in his hands. I wonder if he was trying to sell this to the resort or what was going on? Never saw anything like it ever.


  1. Nice looking group at happy hour! That looks like a crazy, dangerous contraption. I wonder why people would want to do that? Parasailing is much better

    1. I think it was just a demo. Of couse parasailing you have much further to fall but the view is great.

  2. That is the life. I want happy hour everyday!
    Glad you guys are enjoying yourself but be safe out there kyaking alone!!! Makes me nervous :-)


    1. As you can see. I always wear my PFD.
      A little drizzle this morning, first time any rainin a month. Nothing like our trip with you to Roatan in 1997. Very dry here.


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