Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Belated Happy New Year

Our 10 day visit back to Cleveland was fun to see all our friends and especially all our family. However the reason we go to Mexico is to avoid the snow, sunless skies and cold weather. We had a snow storm when we arrived home.

SnowDriveway (Custom)

We had another one for Christmas, and finally one more on the day we left.

SnowBackyard (Custom)

But we made it back with only a one hour delay. But even in sunny Cancun the Playa del Carmen airport bus was 45 min late for some unexplained reason.

We had a big surprise when we walked out of the bus station in Playa. As we walked toward the Collectivo stop to catch a short van ride back to camp. Vera jumped out from the sidewalk and shouted welcome. I almost decked her from my surprise but it was sure nice of Dierch & Vera to take the time to drive their truck into Playa to pick us up, especially with the delays we had. She had to be waiting there for at least an hour.

La Playa Restaurant Band

We got back to camp and of course we were greeted by bands and musical groups.

Or maybe because it was the weekend of before the New Year.

The beach was crowded all week for Semana Santa. The local people take a holiday and hit the beaches.

Singing Group Behind Campers

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  1. It is so nice that Vera came to get you and she arranged for that band to play for you! You are like famous people in Mexico!!


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