Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Days Dwindle Down

Not much different has been going on around here. Our campground has been almost full for most of the season. But Dierch always seems to find a place to squeeze in one more camper.


We have been going out for pizza on Friday nights at Leo’s in the little town of Chumyil. Sometime most of the campground shows up.

There is a more upscale restaurant a little further down the road called, Oscar & Lalo’s. Prior to the hurricanes they used to be located in Soliman Bay. After rebuilding a few times they decided to rebuild right on the main highway from Tulum to Playa del Carmen.Oscar-Lalos-Garden

The place has beautiful gardens, indoor & outdoor seating and a great chef.

Prices run from 140-200 pesos (11-16 USD) for a very nice dinner. Their menu has everything from seafood & meat to vegetarian.

You get a well prepared entre with fried bananas, vegetables, and of course rice & beans. I love the fish Veracruz style with a tomato sauce.

When we went the first time they gave us coupons for free drink including Margaritas. On our second time, even though only a couple of people remembered to bring their coupons, our table of 11 persons all got free drinks.


Nice big table, Reed is wandering around somewhere while Brenda is taking the picture.

John_Iguana_KissShe took all of these pictures including this one of me waiting for the kiss from the big iguana.

But even though we are just coming up to Mardi Gras week the great group is on the move.

Brenda & Gerry from Canada have been in and out a few times but just left on Friday to head North of Playa for a week and then will be moving on. Follow their journey here.

Pat & Mike from CO left their RV here and took a bus to Belize to meet their friends at Caye Caulker for a week. They just got back early Saturday, packed up to head back to the states so that they could fly to New Zealand for a few weeks.

Paul & Helen leave this Sunday morning to meet some friends in San Miguel de Allende before heading back for springtime at home in Inverness, FL. Follow their journey here. Paul may not blog for a while since he spilled Gatorade on his computer and it is currently not working.

Also we have had Jack, a tent camper from the USA, staying next to us for the past month, he is leaving today for Isle Mujeres and then on to who knows where.

Reed & Elaine are leaving on Monday. They will drive their big 5th wheel to Belize and take their truck to Tikal in Guatemala. When they return to Belize they plan to fly to Costa Rica for 3 weeks on a birding tour.

Two campers from France have already moved into their place along with a couple from Germany. All of them in small Class C’s imported fro Germany.

In about 2-1/2 weeks we plan to head back to the states.


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