Friday, February 22, 2013

Seven more nights at Xpu-Ha

IMG_3046 (Custom)I haven’t blogged much this winter but not so much that nothing goes on here at all but because we always seem to have so much to do which really is nothing. We take a three mile walk each morning and sit under the palapas where Peggy & I try to maintain our little private corner of the beach. Some times our names remain for a week, sometime it only lasts a day.

We then go back to the camper where I surf the internet, catch up on e-mails and decide what’s for dinner. Peggy usually reads books on her Kindle. Then we may find a ride to go grocery shopping, if the wind and waves have died down I go kayaking. And occasionally we go all the way into Playa del Carmen about a 20 min drive or collectivo ride. The collectivos are vans that continuously run from Tulum to Playa & back and from Playa to Cancun & back. For tourists the charge is about $2.50 (30 pesos)/person.

Carol-Ginger-Richard (Custom)About half the campers here have vehicles so we often bum a ride from them. Carol & Richard have been very generous with their rides. The other day they took us to a fresh fish market in Playa near Calle 40 & 5th avenue. We bought some great tasting Grouper (Mero). Carol does a great Blog “Ginger goes Glamping” which has Richards outstanding photographs.

LaPlaya_wide2 (Large)

Here is the beach directly in front of our camper, we are next to a very popular restaurant called La Playa. Tourists from many of the resorts and cruise ship passengers come here for the day. But the restaurant closes at 5 PM so we have never eaten there but we hear the food is good and they have entertainment from 3-5PM on Thur., Fri. & Sat.

Several of the campers who were here all winter have moved on. Pat & Mike from CO headed to AZ and plan to fly to New Zealand. Elaine & Reed headed to Belize and were flying to Costa Rica. Paul & Helen headed back home to Florida where it is nice & warm now. Gerry & Brenda “Turtle on down the Road” and still touring the Yucatan and will eventually be heading home to near Niagara Falls, Canada.

After Xpu-Ha our plan is to drive back to the USA border which usually takes 4 days. We have not heard of any banditos or drug people stopping RV's up near Brownsville since the incident in November, so we decided to take the fast Eastern route home. We considered heading up into the mountains to Puebla but steep hills, construction, 100 extra miles of driving and $100 more dollars in tolls discouraged us from taking that route.

So on March 1st we start heading West. West?, you say. Yes, as the crow flies we are only 1490 mi from home but our longitude is due south of Chicago. We need to drive 1400 mi before we even reach the TX border, and then another 1600 mi to get all the way back to Cleveland, OH. So don’t expect to see us until Mid March.

Here is our tentative Map and Driving Schedule from Xpu-Ha to the Border.


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  1. So happy to hear that you will be heading home soon!

    What was the incident in November with Banditos and drug people in Brownsville? That freaks me out.

    I am missing you guys like crazy!


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