Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We made it to Houston

After two nights on the road in Wal-Mart parking lots, we finally made it to Rich & Tracey Priem’s house. Rich is my 2nd cousin and we have been close for years. He started kayaking 40 years ago at the same time I did. They have three sons who get bigger each time we visit.

      Cade                                                      Finn                             Dane



We will visit for a few days and hope to get an early start to TX/MX border on Saturday morning. We will get our camp patio mat enlarged to fit our new larger RV awning, and get our Mexico Visa so that we can cross the border early on Sunday morning.


  1. John, small world! Just got turned on to your blog this morning (fb "friend": Jimmy Snyder).Started paddling 40 years ago too. Winter in Houston and work at the NOC in the Smokys during the summers since '84. Did my first MX trip in '79, Rio Moctazuma. Been going to the Veracruz & Valles areas for years to get some winter ww fun. Haven't for several years now because of the scary negative press about the violence in MX. Think I've found some Austin guys willing to try MX again this Christmas. Does Rich paddle ww still, and has he started the boys yet?

  2. Nice to hear from you. Rich & his boys are all in to biking. I've come to Mexico for years, don't believe the stories from people that don't travel there. We travel by ourselves and are always aware of our surroundings. Don't drive at night for a lot of reasons. Read this couple's facebook site to help travelers, lots of good info.!/groups/167187996679894/
    On the road in Mexico


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