Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Rest Day in the Huasteca

This mountainous region outside of Ciudad Valles is full of turquoise streams and large waterfalls. The region is called the Huasteca in the state of San Luis Potosi. Nearby is one of the deepest (vertical) caves in the world (Sotano de las Golindrinas). People actually base jump into it and float to the bottom. Each morning and birds fly out by the thousands and circle back in at night. Google it for videos. The strange estate of Edward James called Las Pozas is also nearby.

Well the problem is even though all the sites are close, the roads are terrible. They get beat to death by the sugar cane trucks.  We didn’t want to take our RV down any of these roads but they would be OK for a 4 wheel drive SUV.

The kayak group is paddling north of here for today on the Rios Salto. Salto in Spanish means Falls, so more waterfall running. I scraped my knee yesterday while carrying my kayak down to the river. It rubbed on my thigh pad all day and was rubbed raw, so I decided to give it a rest and take a short hike with Peggy so that she could actually see some of the falls upstream of our camp that we ran yesterday.

I posted the pictures of the park and some of the falls in yesterday’s blog. So on Wednesday we leave for the Emerald Coast and the kayak group leaves for some even harder rivers for 3 more nights.

Wednesday's Trip Plan



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