Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rainy & Bumpy drive to Emerald Coast

We still have not been able to get our Banda Ancha computer stick working, and have not been anywhere where we could get internet access. Our Wednesday drive plan worked out exactly as scheduled. We left when it got light at 6:45 AM. It was cloudy and a light rain all day until we got to the coast. The drive had many areas of broken pavement and muddy areas so the RV was sprayed with dirt and the back window was opaque.


The picture really doesn't look as bad as it is, there is a very light dirt film all over the lower half of our new motorhome.

We arrived at 2:45 PM at Neptuno Campground. We have stopped here on our way South and North for the past 5 years. The manager keeps the place really clean, so it is a nice rest stop along the way. The temperature here was in the low 70’s, a little warmer than the high 60’s the past 2 days. It was really hot the first day we got to the Micos but cooled off nicely.

They have no internet here either but they tell us that 2 mi down the road is an Italian Coffee Co. with wireless internet. If these blogs come through you will know that we got access. We will stay here another night. and leave early on Friday for Catemaco.

Thursday's Trip Plan


  1. It looks like you are having a good start to your trip - I hope you are able to get your banda working! We got a little frustrated with that from time to time. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures!
    Sue & Tobey

  2. We got it restored at a bigger Telcel place in San Andreas Tuxtla. No charge for restoring the account.


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