Friday, November 16, 2012

Here for a week in Catemaco

We are now at Tepetapan RV Park in Catemaco, VC. They keep predicting rain but it was dry all day until we got right outside of San Andreas Tuxtla. It rained hard for  about 20 minutes then the rest of the day was beautiful.

The drive was uneventful, we got an early start at sunrise and were happy to see the the roads between the Emerald Coast and Veracruz are still in good condition. We made pretty good time getting to camp at 1 pm after stopping to shop and gas up.

There are a couple of campers here. When we arrived, as always we were greeted by Gene. When we said we will stay until Thanksgiving he realized that Thanksgiving is not the last Thursday in November but the 4th Thursday. I hope we convinced him that he needs to put on his annual turkey dinner on the correct date.

Our RV was so dirty from the muddy roads a few days ago that I could not touch the outside without getting dirty. I got out the hose and washed off all the dirt, it looks new again.

They have Wi-Fi at Tepetapen, but I still haven’t got my Telcel Banda Ancha working. I stopped at a Coppel store and they confirmed that my number had expired so I needed to buy a new Sim card but they couldn’t sell me one and I had to go to the Telcel store. Of course they couldn’t tell me where it was. So I’ll try somewhere else tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like fun. Are there as many police checks as in previous years?

  2. The checks are military checks. Not one stopped us except at the border crossing and the first customs place where they make sure you have a vehicle permit.
    I have Wi-Fi here but I think I finally got my Banda Ancha account restored. I'll activate for a month in a few days. That way it will work until the day we head back home for the holidays.

  3. Hey, nice to hear the weather wasn’t being too stubborn! With RVing, it can probably be your biggest enemy. On a lighter note, it’s cool you had your cruiser cleaned. This routine, especially for true blue RVers, is like giving respect to the camping community, more than a maintenance issue. Have the most fun!

  4. “Our RV was so dirty from the muddy roads a few days ago that I could not touch the outside without getting dirty.”--- Haha! That’s what usually happens to our RV whenever my family goes on a road trip. The good thing is it doesn’t need serious cleaning. A quick and easy wash is all the trailer needs!


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