Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good days drive to the Rio Micos

Since we had all our paper work done (FMM & TIP) we could use the easy crossing at Los Indios. On Sunday you are allowed to cross here but you can’t get Visas or Vehicle Permits It is also open to return to the USA on Sunday but you can’t turn your permits back in, which is required when leaving MX for the year. They now use computers to keep track that you paid for your FMM and have returned it before the 6 month limit.
We got going early and crossed the border at 6:15AM. When we tried to reactivate our Telcel Banda Ancha to give us internet access in MX at a OXXO convenience store it didn’t work. It is possible that the number gets cancelled after  6 months of non-use. We got pesos OK from a ATM and tried the recharga at another store in case the first store did something wrong, no luck. Looks like no internet until I can get a new sim card.

AldeaHuestecaThe traffic was light the whole way but it was very windy. There were lots of Topes (giant speed bumps) in Valle Hermosa, but virtually no more until we got to Ciudad Valles. We tried a new way this year taking a very straight & not hilly highway from just before Ciudad Victoria back to MX81 at Gonzalez, then turned back on MX80 to Ciudad Mante. It’s 15 mi. further but 15 min faster than going through Soto. When they complete the widening of MX180 through Soto that way will be better.


We arrived at our campsite at 4 PM. The driveway into Aldea Huasteca was rather washed out but we made it in ok. Half of the kayakers were already here running the Rio Micos. I drove the fast 20 minute shuttle for them, so they could make their 4th run of the day. We then set up our RV next to a deer on a leash, weird.

TomsKayaksA little later Tom McEwan arrived from the Tampico airport where he picked up 4 more paddlers who will join the Liquid Adventures Kayak trip that starts on Monday. I only will paddle with them when they are staying at this campground, when they leave to paddle on some more advanced rivers we will move on to North of Vera Cruz on the Emerald Coast of Mexico. No internet here.

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