Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RV Factory Repair

We pulled our RV into the Phoenix factory at 6 AM. The problem was a leaking rubber seal on the side-out which contains our refrigerator and dinette.


This is what the inside of our RV looked like at 6 AM.


One hour later the dinette was removed.

Then they removed the refrigerator.




The adhesive on the big rubber seal adhesive had failed and come loose from the rubber seal, not from the slide-out floor.

Here is the new seal.

They had to remove the slide-out to put the new seal in. Of course rather than just rely on the adhesive to hold they actually screwed down the new seal.


In their spare time they put in a new emergency exit window since when we tried to demo it, the window seal did not comeback together properly. They didn’t  know why, so they just installed a new window.

They completed everything and had us back together by 11 AM, a 5 hour job. They sure know what they are doing. A local RV sales place near us told us it was a 40 hr. job.

Minutes later, we were on the road to Houston. We will go via South Bend, Indianapolis, West Memphis, AR, Texarkana, AR, Marshall and Livingston, TX.  We will stop overnight at a Wal-Mart when I get tired.

I got tired at 4:30 PM and we stopped overnight in Salem, IL, and had a KFC dinner and a early sleep.



  1. Smart move to have it repaired immediately. It could have been a bigger problem if you overlooked it. Nevertheless, glad you’re back on your trip after 5 hours of work, which I think was quite fast. Anyway, have a safe trip!

    >Kurt Bukowski

  2. It’s amazing that, in just a small amount of time, they were able to do two jobs. They’re pretty good workers. Anyway, it’s good that you have a new emergency exit window because that is a very important part of an RV. Stay safe in all your trips!


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