Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3 more days and we are back to the cold weather

We left Kincaid Lake on Sunday and headed for Natchez. I like the Natchez Trace National Park for a very relaxing drive North. It is a limited access parkway with no commercial traffic and no stop signs or cross roads for 444 miles from Natchez, MS to near Nashville, TN. There are three free campgrounds along the way, no power or showers. There is also full service state parks.

The trace was pre civil war trail that started out as a mail route. There are parts of the old trace that you can hike on. The parkway is 2 lane road with no soft shoulders and has a 50 mph speed limit but very light traffic at this time of year. It’s actually 60 mi. shorter taking the Trace vs. taking interstates but without any stress, trucks or traffic.


Peggy taking a hike on the old trace near Rocky Springs Campground.

We were planning on camping on Monday night at Meriwether Lewis, another free campground. But when I got on the internet at the visitor center in Tupelo I saw the weather up North would be rainy on Wednesday, so we decide to try to get home late Tuesday. We passed our camp and cut across to I-65 through Columbia, TN. We made it up to Bowling Green, KY and stopped to overnight at Camping World’s parking lot. We even found an electrical hookup.

Tuesday was cool but bright and sunny all day. It was a fast drive back home to Westlake, OH. There was still a little snow on the ground in my driveway that had been there since early January. It was sure better weather in Mexico than it was near Cleveland this past winter. Today is the first stay of Spring and they are predicting another week of cold weather.

This will be my last blog for a while, I hope you enjoyed reading about our fun in Mexico. Also remember my post about the Corona Commercial they were filming in late January? They just released the commercial.

9_GetKickin   Click the picture to see my blog about making the commercial on our beach. 



  1. Hello John, we would like to know if there were tents also on the campground at xpuha. We have been there years ago and will return now in same month. Kind regards Bettina

    1. The best place for tents is right next to La Playa, at Bonanza. It has shaded sites and charges per person.

  2. The Natchez Trace National Park is indeed a great place to be around also the locality is real awesome a great place if planning on an extended stay only thing that needs to see upon is accommodation.


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