Friday, January 24, 2014

A Fun Day Watching Them Make A Corona Commercial


We have had a spell of cool weather, But it has been dry & sunny.

On Wed. the place next to us that has a little bar was being used by a crew of 80 persons making a Corona Beer Commercial.2_SetReady

They took over the little bar, extended the deck toward the beach and rearranged the inside.


The real star of the commercial is the beer bottles.

The prop guy has specially made bottles which he fills and adds foam on top. He coats the bottle with something that make them shine.4_CoronaonIce

The bottles were put in a Coleman cooler filled with ice and the actors hands took the bottles out one at a time until the cooler was  empty and then slammed shut.


Then the cooler was refilled with ice and a few more bottles and limes were put back in the cooler.

I’m not sure how this all fits in, if at all, to the next story.


Then I spotted this actress getting ready for her job as bartender.


She is filmed passing out a few bottles to the patrons, more actors.


Including these two guys who after they get their bottles.


They turn and kick their shoes off as they step off of the new deck to walk down the beach to the waiting chairs.


But guess who is in their way, why it's Peggy & John looking for a free beer.


But now the weather got really cloudy so they stopped filming outside for a while.

I think they are going to be filming here on Saturday unless the weather clears.

Here is one of the commercials that they released in March.

So Peggy got into the swing of things at the La Playa Beach Club at our campground.


I guess we really “Found Our Beach

Two year’s ago the did this setup for their commercial at Al Cielo Hotel down the beach a ways.
They used a NY City cab and built their own bar right on the beach. See the
Actual Video


  1. Looks like a fun time! It has been cloudy off and on here in Tulum, as well. Been here 2 weeks now and still loving it! Two more before we have to go home. Glad to see fun stuff happening at the X-beach.
    Sue & Tobey

  2. AHHH, a Corona on a Mexican beach = Heaven!! To make you feel better, High today 14 and High tomorrow 5....So I really mean it when I say, I sure wish I were there:) Love Pam

  3. I laughed out loud at you guys sitting the chairs! Very funny!!


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