Monday, February 3, 2014


It was a fun weekend watching all the sailboats get ready for their biggest race of the season.


On Thursday night a new camper arrived pulling some sailboats. By Friday morning our beach was full of Hobie 16 catamarans and one Laser. Something was going on. They all spoke Spanish so it took us a while to find someone who could tell us that it was a small part of the COPA RIVIERA MAYA 2014.

The sailboat race was being run out of Puerto Aventuras and included some of the best sailors in Mexico and guests from abroad. They expected about 180 sailboats to be entered and there was not enough room at Puerto to launch the Catamaran class. The other race categories were Bic Techno, RS: X, Optimist, Laser and 420 as well as the 14 Hobie 16’s on our beach. Most of the small Dories in the race were piloted by young kids and all three days were very windy.


They got all their sails up and ready to drag them into the water.


The surf was up on all three days as the 14 boats in this class launched from our beautiful white sand beach


One had a little bad luck on launch but quickly got it back upright from the shallow water. We watched all the boats launch and try to avoid the coral reefs which guard our beach. One boat had a real problem figuring out how to sail out without hitting the reef. We could tell they were very new at this and we picked them for finishing last. We were right. The rules are that there 6 races per class over the 3 days, you get to throw out your worse finish using your best 5 races to determine the winner. These guys only finished 2 of the races in the allotted time.


I think this couple finished in the top 3. When we watched from our beach we could see hundreds of sail boats and sail boards stretched out for miles from Puerto Aventuras all the way to our bay.


Not much else has been happening here, which is why I haven’t been blogging. So it was fun watching all the action in the rough seas. I saw a lot of small sailboats flip out there but there were plenty of safety boats to help get them get upright. Most wore wet suits and all wore PFD’s.

If you have a Facebook account you can probably get this short video about the race. Copa Riviera Video

Sunday Night was our annual Super Bowl party. This year we watched it on a USA TV station using Gerry’s satellite dish. Ann & Gerry provided a pot luck dinner for a few of the campers.


Got my beer, got my food, here comes the kickoff, followed by a safety. A bad start for the Broncos, followed by a whole lot more of a bad night for Denver as they lose their fifth Super Bowl, setting a record for most lost. We gave up after the half time show. The final score was Seahawks 43, Denver 8.

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  1. All those sailboats are super cool. That would have been something to see. Glad you're having fun. Miss you and love you lots!


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