Monday, February 17, 2014

A Visit to Xcacel

Xcacel is a environmentally protected turtle beach located about 13 miles south of Xpu-Ha and about 12 miles north of Tulum. It is actually right across the road from Chemuyil where we go out for pizza and is the beach that people could camp on years ago. There used to be a sign at the road but it was gone so I’m glad we knew where the entrance was located. There is a guard who explains the rules and asks for a fee, we gave him 33 pesos/person but we heard that 20p is enough.


There are two bays and a small Cenote that you can visit. We got there early and it was empty.

Looking North                                            Looking South



The beach was not as nice to walk as Xpu-Ha’s because there was a sand wall that you had to walk above to stay out of the water, and it was very soft sand.


The next bay was rocky in places and there were empty turtle nests everywhere. The turtles lay their eggs starting in May and hatches go on until November.



And through the magic of Photoshop, all of us are on that log.


After our beach walk we stopped to see our friends, Glen & Maureen from Alberta, at Tanka Bay. They own 3 lots at the end of the road and stay in their 5th wheel but may build a new home next year.
Since we were so close to Tulum, Robb suggested that we have a lunch at El Camello which is right on the highway on the south side of town. I didn’t take any pictures of the restaurant or my food, because I was too busy enjoying the great Veracruzan style fish fillet. A great tomato, pepper and onion spiced sauce. One of the best that I’ve had. I did take a picture of their sign.


Why do we come to Mexico and stay so long? Have you seen the snow back home in Ohio. Where is my driveway?


Or the snow at our cabin in West Virginia.


I’m not sure when we will come back to the USA. But, we do miss our family back home, so in a few weeks we may start moving north.


  1. love the photos and love your comment about coming home! I miss you!!

  2. Great photo shop skills! I was hoping to see some baby turtles but I guess you guys were too late - or too early!
    I can't believe the snow at the cabin! Unless the Kobak sign isn't as tall as I think it is. :-)
    Miss you guys and sure hope this weather warms up so you'll come back home!!


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