Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Bags are Packed, We are Ready to Go

I haven’t blogged for a while since how many doing nothing and how many hanging out on the beach pictures can you take? There is one interesting thing. There is a couple from Playa del Carmen that drive down to Xpu-Ha, a couple of days per week and make these wonderful sand sculptures, right in front of our camp.


Above is a Dragon. Below is a Scorpion.


We have seen grasshoppers, Iguanas, Corona Beer bottle, Palm Tree and lots of other cool pieces of art that last for only a day or so.

This is the only art that Peggy & I produce.


A few nights ago we went out to eat and a real nice restaurant right on the highway called Oscar & Lalo’s. We met the daughter of the owners, who may be retired by now.







Swiss Military Vehicle

A young guy from Switzerland showed up in this 35 year old troop carrier that he converted into a camper. He is planning on driving it to Panama. His sister did the art work on the sides.

It’s 6 wheel drive 80 HP diesel, I think he can camp anywhere with out getting stuck.

Last sunrise.

Our last  sunrise, we leave tomorrow morning. 3/5 at 6 AM. Here are our trip plans back to the border; Trip Plan 8

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