Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Week Back in the USA

We left Harlingen, TX on Saturday afternoon after filling our Propane tank and Peggy filling her shopping fantasy. We were headed to Houston to visit my cousin Rich’s family for a few days. But when it got dark we stopped about an hour short and got there the next morning after the time change for DST.

Had a nice visit, a couple of bike rides and we left Houston on Thursday morning to go to the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana and their class A campground on Kincaid Lake. We were pleasantly surprised. It had water & 30 amp power and cost only $7.50/night with our Golden Eagle Pass.


It was a little early for swimming but they have great hiking trails along the lake.


The fisherman are fishing for Bass.


Turtles are watching out for alligators.


This is the swimming area but it does not open until May.


But they opened the day-use area on Saturday and had all sorts of free activities for the local people. Kayaking, Stand-On-Top Paddling, Mountain Biking, Yoga, Science displays and ranger guided hikes to see the big Bald Eagle nest, where we caught sight of one of the eagles sitting next to the nest.


We even spotted a friendly bear.


One thing I saw, but I had no idea that they were this far North was Leaf Cutter Ants. They were walking hundreds of feet and up a tree that was just budding out near our camper. Millions of ants were heading up the tall tree and bringing back leaves and blossoms that they took underground to ferment so that they could eventually feed their young from the fungus that grows on the fermented leaves.


We ended up enjoying the park and using one of the other campers wireless signals to post this blog and get our e-mails. If you are heading toward the Natchez Trace which runs from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN this park is right on your way. It’s 150 miles NE of Houston and 90 miles west of Natchez.

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