Saturday, August 9, 2014

We decided to go back to Mexico again this winter

The cool summer in Ohio and West Virginia brought back memories of last winter’s Mexico trip. United Airlines had discontinued their direct flight from Cleveland to Cancun when they shutdown CLE as a hub. This was a deal breaker, but they decided to do direct flights to Cancun again this winter because of demand I expect.

So the trip was back on. Now where to go? We loved the trip last winter so tentatively we will try the same itinerary. Hopefully I could paddle again in the mountains of the Huasteca region near Ciudad Valles to start and end up at Xpu-Ha in Quintana Roo for most of the winter.

We have completed our Mexico 2014-15 Trip Plans

Map of the Mexican portion of the trip

Here are links to the maps and travel times with details of each driving portion of the trip. What we do in between we just decide based on the weather & opportunity.

  • 11/15/14 - Cleveland to Houston, visit Rich Travel Day 1-3 Map & Plans
  • Enter Mexico at Los Indios near Harlingen, TX, after getting FMM & TIP the day before.
  •          To Rio Micos - 3-4 nights Mexico Travel Day 2 Map & Plans
  •          To Emerald Coast - 1 night Travel Day 3 Map & Plans
  •          To Catemaco - 3 nights Travel Day 4 Map & Plans
  •          To Silvituc - 1 night Travel Day 5 Map & Plans
  •          To Xpu-Ha - 20 nights Travel Day 7 Map & Plans
  •          Fly home for the Holidays - 11 nights - 12/20/14 - 12/31/14
  •          Return to Xpu-Ha for 61 more nights
  •          To USA Border - 3 nights Travel Day 8,9,10 Map & Plans
  •          Back in USA, spend some time in Houston, TX, and then in Southern LA & MS until it warms in Ohio

    We will update the links as we make changes and try to occasionally update this blog.
    If anyone has any questions feel free to comment below or send me an e-mail. .


    1. Hello I love your blog - so cool I and my husband are getting ready to do the same thing we will driving from Texas to the Yucatan Mexico. I love how you created the map of all your stops, can you please share how you did this so that I could add one to my blog for our children, family to keep up with, I would greatly appreciate it, I am new to this blog thing so any advice would be helpful. Thank you so much and again I love your blog. I will send you my email address if you need it to tell how to create my map.

      1. I use Microsoft Streets & Trips to plan my routes and do print screens to make a .jpg to post in my blog. You could probably use Google Maps the same way.
        When are you driving to MX and what route are you taking?

      2. We are crossing in Laredo Texas on Nov 11 on a Monday, driving this route;
        Plan A is ; Laredo Texas – Saltillo – Matehuala – Queretaro – Puebla –Veracruz-Villahermosa- Campeche – Chelem – Yucatan
        Plan B; (Alternative route if we can get it with good drive time) Laredo – Matehuala – Puebla – Villahermosa - Campeche – Chelem – Yucatan

        If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated, this is our first trip doing this so ... we are learning as we go

      3. I would skip Saltillo, and head to Matehuala, roads are fast unless you get a late start. If you have never been there, I would stop at Dolores Hidalgo and camp on the road to San Miquel. Stay in Cholula outside of Puebla, visit Puebla by bus.

      4. Can you send me your email address it may be a lot faster for me to get back to you or if you have a Facebook acct I have one, that way I can share with my husband my main driver lol .. Thanks so much John for all your input . Greatly appreciated.

    2. I am enjoying reading your blog. We live in Mexico (Chapala, Jalisco) We were in the U.S. for the summer traveling in our motorhome. I like to read stories of others that travel in a M/H in Mexico. We crossed at Pharr TX last week, then down 97 to Ciudad Victoria, San Louis Potosi over to Lagos De Marino, Guadalajara, then home to Chapala. Just thought that you might like to know that the trip was very un-eventful. Couple of check points along the way, there were many Federales in Tamulipus and no problems. Hope you have a wonderful trip this winter, I will be watching your posts. We would like to travel to the Yucatan some year. We now spend some time in Melaque, Jal. on the beach. Here is our blog, if you care to take a look. Travel Safe

    3. Hi John. Looks like you guys have a great route planned for your trip. Have a good one and post lots of pictures. We only have a few weeks this winter and are heading to Mazatlan. Buen viaje!

    4. Mexico is indeed a great city to travel to, offering the best of city experience and lavishing travel place.


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