Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Xpu-Ha–Day 8

Claude_Mags_Peggy_CocktailHourSunday night near dark Claude & Mags rolled in and temporarily parked in the parking lot until they could pull into the spot next to us in the morning.

We got set up facing each other so that we would have a nice shady place for our evening cocktail hour.

Gerry & Ann are still stuck in TX trying to get their vehicle permit from last year cancelled so they can get a new one.

We have heard from Pat & Mike from CO, it sounds like as soon as they dig themselves out of the snow and cold they will be on their way. I hope to see them here in early January.


Wednesday was a nice cool day with on and off drizzle. I thought it was a good day to get a little exercise in my kayak. I first paddled over to the Cenote near Puerto Adventuras where lots of people were snorkeling. It wasn’t too hot so I decided to paddle all the way over to Puerto’s central beach. But I decided not to stop at all since it was getting past lunch time and I still had an hour to paddle to get back to Xpu-Ha. I was gone 2-1/2 hrs. and had covered about 7 mi.  The past few days had bigger waves and rougher seas which makes it harder to go long distances, today was perfect; Cool and Flat.

A week from Thursday we plan to take a vacation from our vacation. We will fly out of Cancun to be home with our family & friends for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We will be back on January 1.


  1. One week until I see you!!

  2. What a beautiful lagoon! I hope Gerry and Ann get their licenses renewed soon - they just don't know the fun they're missing! How I envy your family trip. I hope my wife Joyce agrees to go on a cross-country vacation together with the kids.


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