Thursday, December 1, 2011

Xpu-Ha - La Playa - Day 1

Xpu-Ha CampOur drive from Mahahual was smooth. We drove 4 mi east of Felipe Carrillo Puerto to find propane so we will have a full tank when we get to Xpu-Ha.When we got back on MX307, we found the just opened a new vehicle LPG fill station about a 1 mi north on MX307.

We stopped for groceries at the new Super Che in Tulum, just 1 km east toward beach. It's well marked. A nice well stocked store.

We said hello to everyone and setup camp before noon with a good ocean view.

Xpu-Ha Beach Day1

Our first walk down the beach. Nothing has changed much on the south end of the beach. The day was a little cool, temperature in the  high 70’s. Went down to 57oF at night, almost got out our sleeping bags again.


  1. The horizon is amazing! What was it like staying there, and how long did camp out there? I am fascinated with such scenery, and I wonder if you can share more like that in the 2nd photo. Thanks! It's a pleasure reading your blog and all your experiences while traveling!

  2. I was looking this type of information from a long time and finally i search this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing this info


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