Thursday, December 1, 2011

Xpu-Ha Day 2


Tacho put up a new sign this year. I guess nobody knew what his old sign meant. I’m sure it will generate a little more business for him.

It was cool last night but it really got hot quickly. We took a walk down the North end of the beach and saw no changes at all. Take a look at my wide angle shot below.

By 10 AM is was already in the high 80’s. But just after noon a little wind picked up and by 3 PM is was back into the mid 70’s but partly cloudy.

I decided to get my kayak down and get a little exercise. I paddled into the next bay and back for about 45 min without a break. This will start to get me back in shape after all the driving and inactivity.

If it’s not too hot on Friday I may take a quick bike ride up to the Chedraui by Puerto Adventuras and pick up a few things as well as hit an ATM machine. Did this first thing Friday morning, 8 mi round trip. Did it all in 1 hour, incl. ATM & groceries on my bike.

Xpu-Ha Beach Wide

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  1. gorgeous gorgeous beach....nice big house also...enjoy your weekend...


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