Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night at Pizza Leos in Chemuyil


Mags, Peggy, Lisa, Maureen, Glen, Dierck, Vera and Claude waiting for their Pizza’s at our favorite Friday night restaurant, Pizza Leo’s in Chemuyil. Lisa rode down with Glen and Maureen who have a place on the beach at Tanka. They caravanned down with Claude and Mags last week.


While we were having dinner this little group of kids came in singing and collecting tips. Today was the feast day on Our Lady of Guadalupe which is really a big holyday in Mexico.

There are parades and processions everywhere, some travel for miles right along the main highways. They carry large statues, pictures of Our Lady and banners. Some groups play instruments and/or sing as they march everywhere. You see them in big and small cities. If you are travelling you will see their processions everywhere for the past week.

I took another kayak trip on Friday. It was a little windy so I headed south with the wind and in 45 minutes I was nearing the Akumal hotel zone. I had never got that far before and realized that the wind was pushing me along more than I knew.

So I figured I better turn around and head back, it took me 1-1/2 hours to cover the same distance to return to La Playa. I think I paddled about 8 miles total. It was a good workout.


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