Friday, December 23, 2011

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays


We had our annual holiday party with our 4 children and 11 grand children. Of course we had 4” of snow to make it feel like Christmas.

Had a great dinner, opened a few presents and enjoyed everyone’s company. It’s why we fly home from Mexico to have a vacation from our Winter travels.


Our three little girls; Meg, Joan & Pam.


Brian (Joan’s husband), Greg (Meg’s) and my son Jeff having a Christmas beer.

And in the photo below all 11 of our Grandchildren. From Sierra 3 years old to Jeffrey almost 22 years old.



  1. Merry Christmas John and Peggy from our family to yours!!

  2. Every year, I look at your Mexico blog, and every year I wonder about three things:

    - how can such an ugly, ornery cuss like John Kobak have such a beautiful wife, children, and grandchildren?
    - how can Peggy have such a strong constitution and such dominant genes?
    - how lucky can one guy be?

    Safe travels and a wonderful New Year.



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