Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stopping for a rest on the Emerald Coast

The kayakers were driving back to Tampico to fly back to DC. Two paddlers stayed on and I could have run the Micos again but we were getting anxious to get to Catemaco. We got an early 7 AM start and had heavy traffic until we pulled off on this beautiful straight road to our El Higo short cut. After about 17 miles the road really got bad for 15 miles all the way until we almost got to MX127. They are rebuilding and repaving the road from that end. I guess the huge sugar cane trucks beat it to death. It sort of reminds me of Mountain Dale road by our cabin with twice as many potholes and some 6”-12” deep.

The weather since we entered Mexico has been great. No rain, high’s in high 70’s at the Micos but cloudy. Hot in high 80’s and sunny along the Veracruz coast.


We got to our favorite campground on the Emerald Coast, Neptuno. This year we found lots of tropical storm damage, almost all their big palm trees have lost their tops. There is no Telcel internet signal reachable from here. There is an option to drive a few miles to the Italian Coffee Company where free wireless is available, or even better if you have a external modem with an antenna you can reach a signal from El Doral Hotel a few doors away. I was able to get the young boy, that helps out the campground owner, to ask the hotel what their password was. It worked for me. This Alfa Wi-Fi Adapter that I use, is only $20 and it brings in wireless from way further than any computer’s internal wireless card.



There are no other campers here but the pool is busy with daytime visitors.
We parked up front this year since the day trippers were parked  where we normally camp, closer to the ocean.

There are sewers here and better electricity but there is more road noise at night.

Peggy got down to the beach, she is worried she won’t make it back up.


All the hotels and campgrounds along the beach have lost about 5’-10’ of land, which included their steps, palapas and palm trees. There  are lots of trees down all along the beach. We took a 2 mile walk on the nice flat dark brown beach.

My girls keep asking why they never get to see me, I guess I take all the pictures. I had Peggy take this one to show them that I am alive and well.


So early on Monday morning we expect to hit the road to Tepetapan Campground in Catemaco. Gene the campground owner, from Chicago, usually puts on a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday's driving map & plans


  1. Oh no! All the trees are chopped off!! We had horrible winds here yesterday and TONS of branches came down in our yard. Greg said he had to get out and move them off the driveway before he could pull in. At least we still have the tops of our trees!
    Love you guys! Hope mom made it off the beach!

  2. Very nice photos. Your Thanksgiving dinner looks wonderful. Keep having fun you two! Helen & Paul


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