Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mexico First Day–Made it to Rio Micos

We woke up at 5 AM had a nice breakfast and drove over to where I could get Wi-Fi so I could post yesterday’s blog. We headed for the border and go across with no inspection by 6:30AM, a nice early start. It was dark and the traffic was heavy heading North.

We got to Valle Hermosa to get pesos out of a bank machine (Cajero Automatica). I tried 5 different machines. No luck.

One thing that was good, I had paid in advance to have my Telcel Banda Ancha stick activated on this day. It worked, I could get on the internet and send e-mails.

I should have tried my other bank card but I didn’t. We wasted 30 minutes and didn’t have many pesos left from last year. When we got to MX83, I saw that a Pemex gas station had a bank machine. I used my other card no problem, I tried the first card to make sure it was not the other machines, no luck.

The roads were fairly good and fast. We got to Ciudad Valles by 2:45PM and found stopped traffic the way we planned to go, so I pulled into a Pemex. I turned on my Telcel, there was a really strong signal. I tried calling my bank with Skype, yea it worked. I got the same girl I told that I was going to Mexico, she said it should have worked. After about five minutes of hold she came back and said they had deactivated the card since it has not been used for a while, but they turned it back on. So off to a bank machine, yea it worked. I now have two working bank cards and plenty of pesos.


This place really is not a campground but I can get level and they have nice toilets and showers. The also have a restaurant and cabins. They run adventure tours out of here but this is where I hope to meet up with Tom McEwan and possibly paddle one of the local rivers.


So even with all of the delays trying to get the bank card to work we still got here at 3:45 PM. Plenty of time to have a walk, take the pictures and have a great dinner prepared by Peggy. 


This is the Rio Micos at the camp. This is the takeout when running the waterfalls of the Micos.

I found they had a good cell signal here this year so no problem posting the blog.


  1. Glad you made it safely across the boarder. You're lucky to be in Mexico because it's cold and snowy here. The snow came so fast the city didn't have enough time to pick up the leaves. Hopefully we'll get a thaw because everyone has a frozen mound on their curb.
    Be safe and I love you guys!!

  2. Wow! That looks like a beautiful river! Just hiking along it would be a thrill. Helen


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