Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Little Fog–Wrong Turn–Bad Day

We left Catemaco early in a light rain and fog. The traffic was light. But getting on the cuota at Acayucan is a little confusing. Once before I took the wrong ramp. So this time we see the sign that says turn left for Villahermosa, so I do. But, in the fog I turned too soon. I’m driving down the out ramp not the in ramp. So I need to make a U-turn but there are 3 young Mexicans that tried to direct me.

I didn’t see the low guardrail while backing up, BANG, I hit the corner of my bumper, and the guardrail was so low that when I pulled forward it caught onto the bumper and pulled the corner of the fiberglass bumper out from the RV and also broke one tail light.  But, I finally got turned around and even with their help managed to do a minor ding on the left hand bumper.

We made it out OK and into the correct turning lane which was about 50’ further down the highway. I guess when we get to our winter destination at Xpu-Ha we will need to have some fiberglass repair work done.

The roads were a little better this year but there were three long traffic tie ups. One near Minatitlan which was just a rough section of pavement that took 20 minutes because of all the heavy truck traffic. Another long delay was just before Villahermosa. They are building a new freeway interchange. I can’t see why it was so slow, no lanes were missing. The third delay was at the toll booth just East of Villahermosa. I’ll bet we lost a total of an hour but we still made it to our planned destination by 4:45PM. It was a long tough day’s drive.

The restaurant, Campestre Rest Bar-Familiar Maya, is 52 KM past Escarcega. It is back in the trees next to a lake and if you eat there you can camp for free. The fauna are Peacocks that roam freely around the grounds. This year the place looked closed and workman were putting up Christmas lights. We were the only ones eating there this evening. They had no shrimp so we ordered a breaded filet of fish dinner. The filet covered the entire plate with barely enough room for a small salad. Peggy could only eat half, it actually was pretty good.

On Saturday we woke up to clear skies and plenty of sun. We stopped to fill our Propane tank and do some grocery shopping in Tulum. We still got to our campground by 1PM. Our camp spot between Dierck and Carol was still available, so right in we went.

We now need a good rest and will see the beach on Sunday morning.


  1. Hey! Glad to hear you made it to Xpu Ha safe and sound. Gerry and I are in Palenque right now. I think we are leaving either tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. How many spots are left? Will you tell Dierk we are on our way and have him save us a spot?

  2. wow! that sounds like a scary adventure. so were you basically going the wrong way on a one way street? that sounds very nerve racking!!


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