Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Prime Start to Our Trip

Day 1 to 3 - Travel Plans & Map

first snow 2014

Or should I say a Priem start. We left as the forecast storm was approaching. It was not snowing but it was cold.

We drove to Dayton, OH to see my cousin Kathy Priem and her son Jeff. We stayed for a few hours and then left for Cincinnati to Visit Betsy Priem Chisholm and her husband Jim.

We had a nice visit and went out to a folk music bar for dinner.

By then we were tired from our drive and headed to our RV for a good nights sleep before hitting the road at 7 AM. It sure got cold, the low hit 18oF, the furnace got a workout but I set it too low for Peggy’s taste.

We had originally planned to take the Natchez Trace south from Nashville but it was so cold we decided to go the fastest way to Houston through Memphis and Texarkana. We made it past Memphis to Forrest City and parked at Wal-Mart for the night. I set the thermostat much warmer and we had a good sleep. No complaints from Peggy.

We got this picture of the snow from my daughter Joan that hit home the day we left. We just got out in time. The weather was cold but sunny. However, I guess they were not taking and chances. Every freeway we drove on they were spraying brine on the roads. It was saltier than the beach at Xpu-Ha.

We got to Rich and Tracey Priem’s in Houston on Saturday at 4 PM. Saturday is a good day to drive through Houston the roads were fast and there were no crazy drivers. We had a wonderful dinner that Tracey made and enjoyed the company of Tracey’s parents who live nearby.

We will stay here until Tuesday morning. We will then head to the Mexican border and overnight in Harlingen, TX.



  1. Glad you were able to elude the snow........sounds like you are well on your way! H &P

  2. Travel safe across that border! See you in 1 month. Miss and love you both!!


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