Friday, January 28, 2011

A Day in the Jungle with Dave & Roz

Last year at Xpu-Ha, Dave & Roz Humphrey from Ontario were camped for the season and were involved in Dog & Cat rescue. Now they bought some land just Northwest of Playa del Carmen in an environmental friendly community. Eight of us decided to go visit them for a day to see what his place and the area looked like. Dave met us out on the highway with his motor scooter and led us back through the pueblo until we crossed into a little gated community in the deep jungle.
They have divided the area into lots, interspaced by parks, caves and cenotes.

Dave built a little bath, shower area, has solar power and a water supply and fit his large Class A rig into the mix.

They had a large Palapa built to house the cats that they are taking care of.

We loved the bench that was made out of a fallen tree on their property.

This is not the gated community gate, but a very pretty gate on someone else's property.

We took a short walk around the area to a beautiful Cenote. (Underground Spring, found in the Limestone all over the Yucatan)

We finished off the day at Dave & Roz’s with our cocktail hour.

And then we had a nice meal at Los Amigos Restaurant in Playa.




  1. Great to see Dave and Roz still enjoying it. We were neighbors 2 summers ago at Yuri and Catemaco. Nice folks.


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