Monday, January 3, 2011

Back in Mexico

Our direct flight from Cleveland was right on time. The weather when we landed was in the high 70’s. We had to wait about 30 min to catch the Playa del Carmen bus but got a Tulum Collectivo that was ready to go when we walked up. They leave from one block North of where they did last year. When we got to La Playa campground road, one of the sons of the owners, Ramon,  was there to pick up his wife so it saved us a half mile walk in the hot sun with our heavy packs.

The campground road was packed with cars. It’s a Sunday and Christmas holidays so everyone came to our beautiful beach. No new people in our campground. Everyone greeted us and had taken great care to ensure our RV was OK while we were gone. Claude checked our refrigerator every day which was acting up, to make sure that it was OK. They even swept off our patio mat and washed the salt from the windows. The place was looking good.

We met Claude and Mags son Steve, who flew down for a long holiday break. I wish our kids could fly down here some time. I’ll try to take some pictures later.

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