Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cool Week, Warm Friends

A Norther blew in this week starting with high winds, then a little rain (Our first daytime rain on the trip), then cooler weather. Highs only in the 70’s and lows in the high 50’s.  A chilly end to our friend’s, Claude & Mags, son Stephen and his friend Mary Ann who flew down from Canada to find some warm weather, They both worked on a cruise ship so really liked getting back to some Caribbean beaches. To bad they had to fly out Friday, we enjoyed their company.

People have asked me about what else is on our little 1 –1/2mi long white sand beach. There are private homes, some that rent for a small fortune, boutique hotels, inexpensive rooms, and a large all-inclusive with 288 rooms. I took some photos to show what they look like.

Both ends of the beach have hotels that closed after a hurricane and never reopened. We like to hang out under these abandoned palapas.

This is a low end hotel almost in our campground for under $100.night

About 100 yds down the beach from camp is the Catalonia Royal Tulum, over $300 per night but it is an all inclusive with 6 restaurants and 3 bars.

Next a nice looking new 3 suiter, I’ll have to find out the name and price.

Then some private homes followed by this little place called Al Cielo with an expensive restaurant.

Next to it is the beautiful Hotel Esencia with less than 30 rooms but only includes breakfast for over $500/night. Gets rave reviews though.
So everyday we take our 3 mi walk back and forth down the beach and enjoy the fact that our monthly rate is what these people pay for a night.

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