Saturday, February 12, 2011

A little rain – Cats & Dogs

While everyone back North is suffering from the deep cold spell, we have suffered a little for the past 3 days. It’s been warm with highs in the 80’s and a heavy rain at night but only a few showers during the day. Today I hope is the end, it rained off and on all day, while the temperatures hovered in the low 70’s. The forecast is for no more rain and temperatures back near 80.
Three new campers arrived in the past couple of days. Elaine and Reed from New Mexico, who have been writing me about Mexico travel for the past month. Two motor homes with campers from France also arrived. One left early today for Mahahual and the other is heading North to Meco Loco. They are both going to be storing their vehicles and flying back to France in the next week.
Gerry & Ann’s string of bad luck continues. If you forgot, here is his theft story. Gerry was driving his truck in Playa yesterday and a big truck backed up into him and then left. The police took chase but they claim they didn’t catch him. The truck driver probably offered the police a little money and they let him go. Gerry is now out another $500, the deductable on his collision insurance. Ann’s older brother died in Florida today, I hope all goes well with them for the remainder of the trip.

This is Gerry & Ann’s dog Bear, they also have a big cat Buddy. Speaking of dogs, the campground is full of them. If a camper doesn’t bring a dog, the local dogs adopt them and offer their barking guard services for a scrap of food.

Goldie eats so much this is how she normally looks, laying down on the job. Sigrid looks after her.

Dierch and Vera look after Leica.

Corelle & Estrella hang around Claude and Mags camper.

They keep an eye out for when I light up my grill. They spend most of the day with Tacho who is their owner. He takes people out snorkeling or fishing in his boat.
The funny thing is all these camp dogs, not Bear, are related and some from the same litter, even though they look so different. They are good watch dogs and they even got Bear to bark and run after strangers. Although Bear then waits until the strangers pet him or scratch his stomach.
So that’s pretty much what is going on around here, nothing much. But at least it gave me something to do on a rainy day.

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