Monday, February 22, 2010

Not ready for Prime Time

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We got a nice early start from Bacalar on Sunday morning, we left with sunrise at 6 AM and drove 430 mi and stopped at 3:30 PM. The drive was fairly easy with light traffic. We went past 5 army inspection points but only got stopped once and it was very quick.

We decided to try for Rancho Hermanos Graham campground which had reputedly reopened with a new bath with hot showers and full hookups. It’s right behind a Pemex on the freeway near Aqua Dulce. We found the gate unlocked and we were signaled that the campground was in the back a good distance from the road noise.

We saw the new shower, it was nicely built with electric heater heads, only problem was there was no water. A few drips and the toilets wouldn’t flush. But they had toilet paper and towels. We looked at the campsites, no electricity and maybe a sewer drain. We found a couple of 110v, 15 amp outlets but they were ungrounded so for me to use first I would need to get out 70’  power cord and bury a ground stake. I said for overnight, it wasn’t worth the effort.

Of course they came to collect, they asked for 250 pesos, I laughed, for boondocking with no services? I offered 100 pesos but ended up paying 200 when the millions of mosquitoes hit, no time to discuss just get in the RV. Of course about 50 mosquitoes followed me in.

A little boy walked by, all excited, he says there is an alligator in the swimming pool. That’s probably the source of all the mosquitoes also.

At dusk 4 other RV’s rolled in and discovered what we had just gone through. Didn’t get a chance to talk to them as we pulled out a 7AM, after a good nights sleep with not that much road noise. But out of 10, we give the campground a 2. We heard that it’s under new ownership, so maybe they are just learning, but they were not quite ready for campers yet.

Our destination today is Las Americas campground in Cholula just outside of Puebla. It’s at 7000’ altitude with several snow covered peaks nearby. Today’s drive was all Quotas (turnpikes). Cost a lot but with light traffic we got to camp by 1:30PM even after missing the turn for Cholula which had a sign different then we expected. A few miles down the road we did a returno and easily found the turn and the campground.

La Americas campground has very nice full hookup sites with HOT showers for 250 pesos. Our first really hot shower in 7 weeks, We did a little grocery shopping, got connected to the free wireless internet to get my e-mails and post my blog. Tomorrow we hope to visit the largest Pyramid in the Americas. Pictures to follow.

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