Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad News – Good News

Bad news – It’s been rainy for the last 3 days
Good news - Only rains at night and a few brief afternoon showers
Bad news – It’s only in high 70’s
Good news – At least we are not back in cold Cleveland, OH
Bad news – I got a Urinary Tract Infection
Good news – You don’t need a prescription for antibiotics in MX
Bad news – It sure laid me low for a few days
Good news – It was when it was rainy and cool
Bad news – Where did the time go, it's February already
Good news – I feel like I'll be back on the beach today.

We decided to take our time when we start North this year, unlike when an emergency caused us to drive 2600 mi in 6 days (53 driving hours) to Atlanta, GA.

We are thinking of heading up near the biggest volcanoes in MX near Puebla, then taking the newest Cuota (turnpike) in MX the Arco Norte which is a very far east Mexico city bypass. We would then stop at San Miguel de Allende which is a colonial city very popular location for North American visitors. When we finish that area we will probably head to Ciudad Victoria heading back toward the East TX border crossing. Haven't worked out a schedule, will play it by ear.

Miss everybody back home but probably won’t make it back to Cleveland by March 15th.

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