Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few days at Laguna Bacalar

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After our long stay at Xpu-Ha it was sad to say goodbye to all the good friends we made. But we needed to start heading toward home, even though we were actually heading South.

We got an early start which got us to Laguna Bacalar at noon. The campground, Balneario Cocalitos, is nothing more than a grassy area next to the Lake of seven colors. No power, no water, no sewers but it has seat less bucket flush toilets.

The only other camper here was Vito from Minn., USA. He met him here and in one other campground last year. He likes the quiet little camp run by a family in a little house on the property. For what they have to offer the nightly rate is a little high, 150 pesos. We saw 4 other campers drive up look it over and after hearing the price they left. We finally negotiated a price of 400 pesos for 3 nights, still too high. They seem to cater to people who come for the day to swim in the turquoise blue lake. The lake has deposits of Calcium Carbonate that gives it the blue color. As the sun and clouds move around the lake changes to several different shades of blue which I guess is why the Spanish called it the  Laguna de Siete Colores, it is the second largest lagoon in Mexico.

The weather is still cool with lows around 60o F and highs in high 70’s. Friday afternoon was a little rainy but I had a nice long paddle on the lake Saturday morning. Our next destination is Cholula just outside Pueblo. It will take us at least two days to get there heading due West. There is no internet nearby so I’m not sure when I will be able to post this blog.

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