Monday, February 8, 2010

Another week - We are still at Xpu-Ha

The weather really got nice here, we’ve been getting lots of walks on the beautiful beach.

The 1-1/2 mi long beach is really beautiful and clean. The white sands keeps moving around, so some days it’s really wide and then when the wind is blowing hard from the East it gets much narrower. But the sand is firm and easy to walk on. We like to walk all the way to one end where a large hotel went out of business after a big hurricane, so the beach has very few people. There are old palapas that provide a nice shady resting spot.

Peggy’s Hideaway
All the campers that were here when we came last month are still here, a couple more fit into to a few spaces off to the side in the palm trees. Friday night is still pizza night when half the camp drives to their favorite little pizza place, Leo’s in Chemuyil.
We watched the Super Bowl last night on local TV in our camper. It was all in Spanish and so snowy that we could barely see the picture but we still enjoyed the exciting game. We will probably stay for one more week before we start moving South and then West, yes this gets us closer to home.

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