Thursday, January 7, 2010

Xpu-Ha Beautiful Beach

See Map9

Xpu-Ha Beach Kite Flying

We got to Xpu-Ha La Playa campground Wednesday morning. There was one campsite available it was next to where we camped last year, we snagged it. La Playa Campground caters to long term residents, the short termers go next door to Bonanza Campground. It’s on the same beautiful beach but does not have full hookups.

The weather has been cool at night, about 60oF, but warms well into the 80’s in the afternoon.

Peggy and I took a walk past the beautiful beach to see the coral beach.

There is an abandoned hotel on the left end of the beach. If it were open I’m sure 500 people would be on this beach.

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  1. Hi there, are you enjoying Xpu-Ha? :) Could you please tell me, can we camp in a tent there or is it just for RVs? We would greatly appreciate some info!


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